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Archive for Twitter Grammar

Twitter Grammar project: first stage

first stage: inventory of linguistic forms and structures for being formalize in XML in a tag set.

Twitter Grammar I

There are a lot of linguistic information relevant in the twits that we should tag with the minime code possible.

In this topic, #TwitterGrammar, I’m going to explicit a tagset that talk to us about pragmatics and semantic information. But former, a first explanation of the linguistic phenomenon:


There are a lot of words or expressions in our language to tag the source of information for grounding what we are saying. It is not only an academic phenomenon, but, it is true that, in science, people evalue the source. Anyway, although, in real life it is not always like this, we should put more attention to the source in twitter, for being critical with what we read.

So, in twitter, the source of information is a link. But, there is another sources that are relevant as well. For example, the cultural authorities. This is tagged in my twitter grammar in this way:

#MachadoDixit “Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar.”

and in the new code: &Machado

This is my first class on twitter grammar,

tomorrow more.

Ana González Ledesma.